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Stress Solutions Worksheets

  • Download the Baseline Stress Level Scale Worksheet (A)

    Helps you calculate your baseline (or starting point) of stress by asking about your behaviors, feelings, and ways of thinking. The higher your baseline is or the more stressful a lifestyle you lead, the more important it is to use effective tools for stress reduction.
  • Download the Daily Hassles Worksheet (B)

    Not all stress is bad. The problem comes when we fail to recognize that the buildup of pressure and tension is tipping us into a danger zone. This simple checklist of stress-producing situations will help you keep a running score of your daily hassles as the day progresses so you can get a realistic sense of how stressed you may be. (Or you can download the Stress Solutions app below to your smart phone or iPad.)
  • Download the Relaxation Credit Worksheet (C)

    This handy list of easy-to-use stress-reduction techniques and exercises will help you add up the relaxation points you earn when you use these tools to relax and manage your stress. Doing these techniques will not only help you reduce wear and tear on your body but also boost your baby’s potential for physical and emotional well-being.

For a detailed description of each technique and more information on how high stress during pregnancy can impact a child’s development, see Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms.