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  • "Everyone Needs to Assess Daily Stress Levels…”
    Margarita Alcantara, urban acupuncturist and reiki practitioner in New York City, had this to say:  “I recently learned about the book, Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms: How Breaking Free from Stress Can Boost Your Baby’s Potential, by Susan Andrews, PhD.  It is hot off the presses (as of May of this year), and is chock full of helpful guidelines for pregnant moms to help assess your daily stress levels, checklists of warning signs of too much stress, a formula to calculate how much stress reduction and relaxation you personally need each day to keep in balance, and a pretty comprehensive resource guide to lower cortisol levels.

    Frankly, even if you’re not female, a mom, or expecting, this is an excellent resource, since stress is way too prevalent in our everyday lives! “ Read her blog>>

  • Stress City when Pregnant for the First Child”
    Celeste, blogger and freelance writer for Organic Mommy Today (OMT), started her review of Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms by describing her first pregnancy:

    When I was pregnant with my little ones I did not have stress everything was perfect…yea I cannot even say that with a straight face. My husband and I both were in Stress City population 2 with our first child. I was worried about everything from his health, my health, making sure we had enough money to buy what we needed for the baby room. It was a REALLY rough time for us financially. My husband and I were barely... Read more >>

  • A Wakeup Call for Mothers-to-be: New Pregnancy Stress Findings
    Psychology Today blogger and author Susan Newman, Ph.D., says "If you are pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant or you know someone who is, you will want to be familiar with Dr. Andrews’s message.... Reducing stress with the solutions she offers is good for everyone…and based on the new findings, very significant for mothers-to-be and their babies." Read her blog >>